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How to keep your relationship strong during TTC

The act of TTC can be stressful for certain couples. Today, most individuals believe that they are in control of their lives all the time, but when it comes to conception, most of it this control is in nature’s hands. Couples can plan to have sex in the days leading up to ovulation, but many other factors are beyond control.

As a result, the stress can have a significant impact on a couple’s frame of mind while TTC. One question to consider is when to discuss TTC with your partner. The best time to talk to your partner about having children is as soon as you two have decided to make a lifelong commitment to one another. Both partners need to be open and communicative about the timeframe of having children. If you are ready to begin TTC, then be sure to have an honest conversation with your partner and be prepared to share your view on why you think it’s the right time.

Trying to conceive is a very unique and exciting time. Don’t put your relationship on hold while TTC. There is a possibility of experiencing the feeling that the act of baby-making has become an item on the to-do list rather than a shared experience of passion. Some women find that making small gestures that are normally done in the early stages of a relationship, like leaving notes or surprising each other with small gifts or cards can help maintain positivity. To keep romance alive and libido levels up in the relationship, don’t forego the passionate aspects of intimacy that you ordinarily share with your partner. Don’t forget to set aside some romantic time for one another (for example, having a weekly “date night”), and remember that you can still have sex on non-fertile days.

It’s also important for you and your partner to communicate openly and regularly. Sometimes, the thought of conception is so important in the minds of couples who are TTC that it becomes the primary topic of conversation, but it is essential to talk about other things with your partner as well. Try to be flexible and understanding of one another during this time. Remember that you and the love of your life have decided to make a baby together, this is something that will bring you as close as you have never been before and it is something to be thrilled about.

Sharee Loeffler

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