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Staying positive and relaxed while TTC

Knowing that there’s a chance that it may take you a bit longer can help you better prepare for the wait, and avoid feelings of frustration or negativity if your timeframe is a bit lengthier.

Many women wonder when to tell loved ones when they are TTC, because if they tell others, they might feel even more pressure to become pregnant fast. That’s why some women make the decision to keep quiet about TTC. It ultimately depends on the couple, but most women do decide to share with others, but only an exclusive few people. If needed, you can even tell your friends and family members that you will discuss your updates on TTC when you’re comfortable with it, but you’d prefer not to be asked about it. That way, you can still receive support if and when you need it, but you won’t need to answer any intrusive questions about your sex life.

The mind and body are linked, and even doctors recommend trying to maintain patience and positivity for better physical results. One naturopathic physician who specializes in women’s health draws connections between positive thinking and both physical and mental health. Because negativity puts stress on the body, and stress hormones may play a role in fertility, it’s important to try to keep stress levels down as much as possible so that the body doesn’t enter “fight or flight” mode and react negatively.

To prevent negative thinking while TTC, you may want to try journaling. Not only can it help you track your efforts and cycles, but it can also be a cathartic exercise for expelling your thoughts and emotions. You may also want to try using note cards or images to help you foster a sense of positivity. You can place these empowering phrases or images in a place where you’ll see them frequently, such as by your computer or in your car.

Women tend to put their lives “on hold” while TTC. One element of staying positive while TTC is moving forward in your life’s endeavors, whether that means planning for a vacation as you normally would, pursuing a new job, or moving to a new home. Many times, women pause such major life switches, either in fear that the new circumstances would be impacted by pregnancy, or in hopes that the pregnancy will occur and they could delay the change until after giving birth. Either way, going about your life as normal while TTC can help you stay positive and future-focused.

Many women are able to become pregnant quickly, and therefore the stress of TTC is minimized or virtually nonexistent. Whatever your circumstances, keep in mind that TTC is a time when it’s perfectly acceptable to put yourself first. If you begin to notice a bit more stress than what you’re normally used to, you can always surround yourself with positive people, especially those who love and support you.[3.Natenshon, A.; see above.]

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