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Fertility Voodoo: All the Weird Shit That Helps You Get Pregnant

It starts out small. Maybe you’re lurking on an online forum and you hear someone mention that she’s eating pineapple core during the two week wait. But the deeper you dive into that world, the more strange remedies you hear about: grapefruit juice, vitex, Mucinex, and more.

What do all of the ingredients in this occult-seeming medicine cabinet actually do? And do you need any of them? We created this handy cheat sheet to help you understand the purpose of some of the most common at-home TTC remedies.

Lindsay Meisel

Lindsay Meisel is the Head of Content at Ava. She has over a decade of experience writing about science, technology, and health, with a focus on women's health and the menstrual cycle. Her work has been featured on The Fertility Hour, The Birth Hour, The Breakthrough Journal, and The Rumpus.

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