Fertility tracking

Increase your chances of getting pregnant

See your most fertile days

There are six days a month when it’s possible to conceive. Ava detects five of them in real time, so you’ll always know the best days to try for a baby.

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Avoid fuss and mess

With Ava there’s no need to wake up early to take your temperature or remember to pee on a stick. Just wear the bracelet at night and sync with the app in the morning to see your fertility status.

Track the most fertile days with the most accuracy

Ava detects more fertile days than LH tests, which only predict one or two. It works more precisely than a period-tracker app or fitness wearable, which can only estimate your fertile window. And it delivers results in real time, unlike the retrospective temperature method.

Follow your cycle phases

Ava tracks physiological signals that act as markers for your fluctuating hormone levels. This allows it to detect—not simply predict—which phase of the menstrual cycle you’re in.

Keep tabs on your health

In addition to fertility tracking, Ava displays health parameters like temperature, sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse rate—letting you know when you’re in the best place to make a baby.

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