See Five Fertile Days Per Cycle

Double your chances to get pregnant with Ava*

There are only six days per month when it’s possible to conceive, and Ava is clinically proven to recognize five of them.

Unlike LH tests, which only give you one or two fertile days, Ava gives you and your partner more time for babymaking.

track your fertility

Tracks your fertile window in real time

Unlike the temperature method, which only tells you when you’ve already ovulated and are no longer fertile, Ava can detect the beginning of the fertile window in real time.

Easy to use

With Ava, there’s no need to wake up early to take your temperature or remember to pee on a stick.

Just wear it at night and sync with the app in the morning to see your fertility status in real time.

Track your temperature, sleep, stress, and resting heart rate

In addition to fertility detection, Ava also tracks temperature, sleep quality and quantity, physiological stress levels, and resting pulse rate—so you can make sure you’re in a good place to make a baby.

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