Cycle tracking

Get to know your body on a deeper level

Your cycle is more than just your period

Changing hormone levels throughout the cycle can affect your hunger, sleep, moods, energy levels, and more. It might seem like your body is changing at random, but it’s not. Ava helps you to finally make sense of it.

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Follow your cycle phases in real time

Unlike period-tracking apps or women’s fitness wearables, Ava measures physiological parameters that act as markers for your changing hormone levels. This allows it to detect which phase of the menstrual cycle you’re in.

Track your physiological stress

The stress you feel on the surface is different from what your body experiences. Ava displays your physiological stress levels through a parameter called heart rate variability ratio, empowering you to take beneficial action.

Monitor your sleep

You may think you’re getting a solid eight hours, but Ava captures your sleep time, percentage of light versus deep-and-REM sleep, and how your rest patterns vary throughout the menstrual cycle.

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