Ava Fertility Tracking Bracelet Now Available as Employee Benefit Through Partnership with Carrot Fertility

carrot ava partnership

Empowering females and couples with data to help them conceive

‘Carrot at Home’ program enables females and couples to start pregnancy journey from home via telehealth and Ava data 

ZURICH & SAN FRANCISCO — June 10, 2020 — Ava, maker of the popular Ava fertility tracking bracelet, announced today it will now be provided as a fertility benefit through a partnership with Carrot Fertility, the leading global fertility benefits provider for employers. The partnership will make the Ava bracelet available to Carrot members as a workplace benefit at a significant discount. Combined with Carrot’s telehealth services, Carrot at Home offers comprehensive in-home fertility support when people need it most.

“Supporting women throughout the fertility journey is the core of what we do at Ava,” said Ava CEO Lea von Bidder. “The partnership with Carrot will accelerate our shared mission to increase access to reproductive care globally. The Ava bracelet is an evidence-based, clinically backed ovulation tracking tool that helps women get pregnant faster through timed intercourse. With the Carrot at Home program, Carrot members will now have an additional  structured path towards pregnancy—starting from the moment they stop using contraception.”

Ava and Carrot’s partnership gives Carrot members more flexibility than ever before when it comes to pursuing parenthood by offering an additional option for achieving pregnancy through timed intercourse.

Ava’s machine-learning algorithms will support Carrot members with key insights to help them get pregnant faster. A 2020 analysis of Ava users revealed that nearly 30% of subfertile women (defined as trying to get pregnant for more than a year—or more than six months if over the age of 35) became pregnant within a year of using Ava. By combining multiple physiological parameters including skin temperature, resting pulse rate, and breathing rate, the Ava bracelet predicts a woman’s fertile window with 89% accuracy. Ava’s partnership with Carrot provides employees with valuable fertility support as soon as they start thinking about growing their family.

One in eight opposite-sex couples in America are diagnosed with infertility. And each infertility patient in the United States undergoes 2.5 cycles of IVF on average, which costs between $40,000 and $50,000. The Ava bracelet, supported by Carrot’s expansive expert telehealth network, offers an additional structured path towards pregnancy helping to avoid expensive fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) when members choose less invasive care.

Enabling more telehealth at home when members need it most 

“Personalized fertility care for each unique employee means that, sometimes, complex treatments like in vitro fertilization can be avoided,” said Tammy Sun, Co-founder and CEO of Carrot Fertility. “Carrot at Home doesn’t just save employers money—more importantly, it helps some couples pursue parenthood in a way that is right for them. We’re thrilled to offer even more robust telehealth and at-home solutions for our customers and members around the world.”

“The global coronavirus pandemic has brought a number of changes and challenges to healthcare—especially in the fertility care and pregnancy space,” said von Bidder. “Now more than ever, employees need access to care from the comfort of home. With virtual access to medical experts, on-demand doctor-approved content, and now, exclusive access to the Ava bracelet, Carrot members have more flexibility than ever before when it comes to pursuing parenthood.”

If you are interested in learning about how to bring fertility benefits to your workplace, please reach out to Carrot.  If you are an employer and would like to know more about how Carrot can support your employees, get in touch.


About Ava

Ava is a digital health company with offices in Zurich, San Francisco, Belgrade and Makati that aims to advance women’s reproductive health by bringing together artificial intelligence and clinical research. Its fertility tracking sensor bracelet detects the five most fertile days of a woman’s cycle in real time, while also delivering personalized insight about reproductive health and pregnancy.

Worn only during sleep, the Ava bracelet tracks multiple physiological parameters including pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature. Launched in the US in July 2016, the Ava bracelet is now sold in 36 countries and has helped more than 30,000 women become pregnant. Studies for the clinical use of Ava were conducted at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland and additional studies are currently in progress. Ava was voted Best of Baby Tech at CES 2017, named a Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice” product and has been honored as a CB Insights Digital Health 150 company for 2019. For more information, visit www.avawomen.com.

About Carrot Fertility

Carrot Fertility is the leading global fertility benefits provider for employers, built to support employees through their entire fertility and pregnancy healthcare journey. Carrot is a turnkey solution for companies to establish a customized benefit that provides employees financial, medical, and emotional support as they pursue parenthood, resulting in better clinical outcomes. Built by some of the best fertility and family-forming experts in the world, Carrot provides the highest quality care including fertility and family forming education, unlimited virtual chats with physicians and other specialists, and an expert-authored library of resources. Carrot’s program includes egg freezing, in vitro fertilization (IVF), adoption, donor and gestational carrier services; Carrot Rx, a premium pharmacy experience, at significant savings; Carrot Pregnancy; and the Carrot Card, an easy way for employees to pay for their care. Founded in 2016 and based in San Francisco, Carrot has raised more than $15M and is backed by top-tier investors including CRV, Uncork Capital, Sound Ventures, and Maven Ventures.


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