How Ava works

There are six days a cycle when it’s possible to conceive. Ava is clinically tested to recognize five of them. It's easy.
1. Wear Ava to bed

Overnight, the Ava sensor bracelet collects continuous data while you sleep.

2. Wake up and sync

In the morning, sync your bracelet to the app, and Ava’s algorithm instantly shows your results.

3. See your most fertile days

Ava pinpoints your five best days to try for a baby as they're taking place.

  • Skin Temperature

    Decreases by about 0.2°C after menstruation before rising 0.4°C after ovulation, remaining elevated until your next period begins.

  • Resting Pulse Rate

    Drops by about 1.5 beats during the follicular (pre-ovulation) phase, before increasing through the fertile window and peaking in the luteal (post-ovulation) phase.

  • Heart Rate Variability Ratio

    Typically rises in the follicular phase and falls in the luteal phase. It’s an indicator of physiological stress, with a higher ratio suggesting the body is under greater duress.

  • Perfusion

    Is the passage of blood through the circulatory system. It’s lowest at the start of the fertile window and highest in the luteal phase and during menstruation.

  • Breathing Rate

    Measures lower at the start of the fertile window and higher in the late luteal phase.

At work while you sleep

For consistent readings, the Ava sensor bracelet goes to work overnight while your body is at rest.

As it records your physiological parameters, it also tracks movement with a built-in accelerometer. This signal allows it to measure your sleep quantity (duration) and quality (percentage of combined deep and REM sleep).

Is Ava right for me?
The below is intended as a guideline. For more detailed questions about whether Ava is right for you, visit our FAQs and consult with your physician.

  • Yes: Your cycle is regular and between 24–35 days

    Ava will work with cycles slightly shorter or longer than the 28-day average, provided they are of consistent length.

  • Yes: You have endometriosis

    Ava can be used with endometriosis, unless there is severe scarring that interrupts ovulation.

  • Yes: You're using an alternate conception method

    Ava can be used to time conception methods other than intercourse, e.g. artificial insemination.

  • Yes: You’re breastfeeding

    Ava can be used while breastfeeding once your cycle has returned.

  • No: You’re taking hormonal birth control

    Ava works by sensing physiological changes related to your natural hormone levels.

  • No: Your cycle length varies significantly from month to month

    Ava has not been tested on women with irregular cycles that vary widely in length.

  • No: You're looking for contraception

    Ava has not been designed nor tested for pregnancy prevention.

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