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User Manual Ava Fertility Tracker Version 1.8 (PDF)


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App Guide Ava Fertility Tracker (PDF)

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Having issues getting your Ava bracelet up and running? We’ve collected the most common issues that might come up. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check our FAQ page. Our customer support team is also here to help.

Ava Fertility Tracker

Should I wait until the first day of my period to start using Ava?

Start wearing Ava as soon as you receive it, no matter where you are in your cycle.

If you first start wearing Ava in a cycle where you haven’t yet ovulated (if you’re still in your follicular phase), then Ava will start working immediately to detect your fertile window in real time.

If you first start wearing Ava in a cycle where you have already ovulated (if you’re in your luteal phase), then Ava will use the date of your last period to estimate when your last fertile window occurred. As soon as you enter the date of your next period, Ava will begin detecting your next fertile window using the physiological data it gathers.

I’m having trouble pairing my Ava bracelet to the app.

Visit here for iPhone pairing help.

Visit here for Android pairing help.

I’m having trouble syncing my Ava bracelet.

Visit here for iPhone syncing support.

Visit here for Android syncing support.

Ava predicted the wrong day of my period. How can I change it?

When Ava predicts your period to happen, for example today, a pop-up window will remind you to edit confirm or remove the period.

Simply click the + icon and you will be able add or remove a period.

If you are confirming a period, you select how heavy your flow is, and you will see this change immediately at the top of the screen, and the date where you confirmed you have your period should now be encircled in a solid pink bar. Click the checkmark (Android) or select Done (iPhone) to confirm your selection.

If your period hasn’t started yet, you simply de-select the highlighted flow and this will remove the period. Click the checkmark (Android) or select Done (iPhone) to confirm this change.

The start date of your predicted period will now be pushed back to tomorrow.

Please note that future predicted periods cannot be changed.

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