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Everything you need to know about setting up your Ava

Initial Setup

Follow these steps to set up your Ava.

Start tracking your cycle in no time.

Attach the sensor pod to the strap.

Align the front of the pod with the backside of the strap and press it into the strap from behind.

Download the Ava app and create an account.

The Ava app is available on the App Store and Google Play store. Once you’ve downloaded Ava, follow the onscreen instructions to create your account.

Pair the Ava bracelet by plugging it in. Follow the instructions on your app screen.

You will be asked to pair your Ava bracelet with the app. Follow the instructions on the app screen; plug Ava to a standard USB adapter or your computer. Make sure that location services and Bluetooth wireless technology are both enabled on your phone. It might take a few seconds until your Ava bracelet is recognized by the app. You can unpair and pair your Ava anytime in the ‘my Ava bracelet’ menu.

Charge Ava for two hours before your first use.

While Ava is charging the LED indicator will be red. Leave Ava plugged in to charge until the LED turns green.

The Ava LED indicator


  • Blue Flashing = Pairing mode
  • Solid Blue = Connection established
  • Solid Green = Charging complete
  • Solid Red = Charging in progress/low battery


  • Solid Green = Ava is ready to record data
  • Red Flashing = Ava needs to be paired or charged

First Time Use

Once your Ava is paired and fully charged, follow these steps to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Wear Ava to bed every night. Start on any day of your cycle.

Ava measures 9 different parameters while you sleep. In order to get an accurate reading, you must wear Ava for at least four hours each night. It is also important to wear your Ava throughout your cycle — from the first through the last day. To wake up gently, set a silent alarm in your Ava app and your bracelet will vibrate at the indicated time. To turn off the vibration, simply tap your Ava twice.

Wear Ava snugly, always on the same wrist.

Ava should be flush with your skin but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. You should be able to slip one finger underneath the Ava strap.

Sync every morning.

When you wake up, simply plug Ava in and open the Ava app (don’t forget to enable bluetooth on your phone). Ava will automatically establish a connection with the app and start syncing. Depending on your data, Ava may adjust your fertility predictions upon syncing.

Enter your period.

Be sure to enter your period or correct Ava’s period prediction every month on the exact day that it starts. Also, don’t forget to log every day of your period.

Support & Helpful Information

Having issues getting your Ava up and running? We’ve collected the most common issues that might come up. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check our FAQ page. Our customer support team is also here to help.

Should I wait until the first day of my period to start using Ava?

Start wearing Ava as soon as you receive it, no matter where you are in your cycle.

If you first start wearing Ava in a cycle where you haven’t yet ovulated (if you’re still in your follicular phase), then Ava will start working immediately to detect your fertile window in real time.

If you first start wearing Ava in a cycle where you have already ovulated (if you’re in your luteal phase), then Ava will use the date of your last period to estimate when your last fertile window occurred. As soon as you enter the date of your next period, Ava will begin detecting your next fertile window using the physiological data it gathers.

I'm having trouble pairing Ava to the app.

Visit here for iPhone pairing help.

Visit here for Android pairing help.

I'm having trouble syncing my Ava.

Visit here for iPhone syncing support.

Visit here for Android syncing support.

Ava predicted the wrong day of my period. How can I change it?

When Ava predicts your period to happen, for example today, a pop-up window will remind you to edit confirm or remove the period.

Simply click the + icon and you will be able add or remove a period.

If you are confirming a period, you select how heavy your flow is, and you will see this change immediately at the top of the screen, and the date where you confirmed you have your period should now be encircled in a solid pink bar. Click the checkmark (Android) or select Done (iPhone) to confirm your selection.

If your period hasn’t started yet, you simply de-select the highlighted flow and this will remove the period. Click the checkmark (Android) or select Done (iPhone) to confirm this change.

The start date of your predicted period will now be pushed back to tomorrow.

Please note that future predicted periods cannot be changed.

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