Ava Bracelet

What Sensors Are On the Ava Bracelet?

The Ava 2.0—a clinically proven cycle and fertility tracking bracelet—comes with a sleeker strap, updated sensor pod optimized for better performance and comfort, and additional features like a vibrating alarm.

Ava uses multiple physiological parameters including temperature, resting pulse rate, and breathing rate, to track the cycle. While you’re sleeping, Ava’s sensors collect data on different key physiological parameters. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more.

Ava is not a contraceptive and cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.

Aarthi Gobinath, PhD

Aarthi Gobinath earned her PhD in neuroscience from the University of British Columbia. Her research covers the ways that stress affects the male and female brain differently.

She tackled the issue of sex bias in research by looking at why standard treatments for depression don't always work in the case of postpartum depression. Her work has been covered by Vice and Massive Science.

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