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Recovery from a Miscarriage

A woman’s body can recover from a miscarriage within a few weeks or a month, and normal menstrual periods typically resume in four to six weeks after a miscarriage. It can take longer to recover emotionally, however. Many couples experience an immense grief following a miscarriage, and it is not uncommon for a couples to feel an array of unpleasant emotions ranging from anger and confusion to isolation and guilt. It is important for couples to go through the grieving process and seek the support of loved ones, friends, and if needed, a grief counselor or a similar professional.

Although you may not be emotionally ready to begin TTC right after a miscarriage, you may want to try again at a later time. Although recurrent pregnancy loss can happen, the chances of having a successful future pregnancy following a miscarriage are 77% if no abnormality was detected, and 71% if an abnormality was found during pregnancy.

You and your partner (with your ob-gyn’s approval) can determine when it’s the right time to begin TTC after experiencing a miscarriage. Although there’s no “right” timeframe to begin pursuing conception again, one interesting fact to consider is that the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that couples who conceive within six months of a first-time miscarriage experience the best pregnancy outcomes and lowest rates of complication in a future pregnancy. Couples who wait two years to conceive are more likely to experience ectopic pregnancies, complications that require delivery via cesarean sections, or premature births. Hence, waiting for a longer period of time after a miscarriage is not necessarily better.

The decision to TTC after a miscarriage is ultimately a very personal one. As couples recover from miscarriages, they may choose to seek support from groups either in person or online, as it can be helpful to hear from others who have experienced similar issues. While there is no cure that can eliminate the pain from a pregnancy loss, research shows that it is entirely possible –and likely, even – for couples to experience a healthy future pregnancy following a miscarriage.

Sharee Loeffler

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