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Baby #1 Happened on the First Try. Baby #2 Didn’t …

When we heard that New Zealand-based instagrammer and blogger Emily Pickersgill-Brown was interested in using the Ava bracelet when she was trying to conceive her second child, we could not have been more flattered. And when we heard that it worked, well, we were over the moon! So we invited her onto Avaworld to share her story. 

Did you track your cycle at all before your first pregnancy? 

Yep, I’ve been tracking my cycle since before iPhones and my mum taught me to put a little red dot in my diary on the days I had it so that it would be discrete.

Did you learn anything about your body when you were using Ava? Besides when you fertile window was, of course! 

I did actually! I learnt that I have a very low resting pulse rate (42bpm!!) and i’m definitely not a well trained athlete, HA!

How has this pregnancy felt different from your first? 

This pregnancy has definitely been harder. The morning sickness was unbearable for about 12 weeks and my poor daughter was glued to the TV for all of those 12 weeks while I moved from the bed to the couch and back again for bed time! Now at 23 weeks the sickness is gone but where my body felt strong during the first pregnancy it definitely feels a lot heavier this time around.

Have you been wearing the Ava during your pregnancy? 

I have! I love tracking my stats and am kind of obsessed how it tracks your sleeping too!

You’d been tracking your cycle using a period tracking app before trying Ava. Were Ava’s predictions different? 

My period tracker app’s dates were three weeks before the dates that Ava gave us, which would definitely explain all our months of trying and not being successful!

Emily’s story, in her own words:

I kind of always thought I would have problems getting pregnant for some reason, but after getting pregnant only three months into being married, those thoughts quickly disappeared. My husband and I had the baby talk after we got married but I guess neither of us thought it would happen to us. At least not as fast as it did! I mean, we all know how babies are made and if you’re doing that well… you know the rest! HA! Fast forward and we had our beautiful Delta.

My pregnancy was totally normal and we were even able to have a hard (posterior) but beautiful home birth. After that experience I thought I was a baby-making pro and it would be easy and just happen the same way when we were ready for baby number two. I was wrong. Very wrong. We knew that we wanted Delta to be close in age with the second baby and decided to start trying after Delta’s first birthday. To be honest though, we weren’t trying very seriously because I still believed it would happen easily. Six months later, we still weren’t pregnant.

I had started actually using my period tracker app for more then just entering in my period and actually trying around when it said we should be if we wanted to have a baby and yet I still wasn’t getting pregnant. Both my husband and I felt so overwhelmed and defeated. Then, cue good old Instagram for introducing me to Ava. It was literally perfect. I had done some research into other ways to encourage pregnancy and peeing on the stick once a day did not seem very appealing at all. The way Ava connects to your phone and actually senses what’s really happening in your body was right up my alley (I’m a serial Googler of symptoms so this was perfect!)

When I first received it I inputed all my previous period info from my other app and month after month I found it so interesting that the Ava app gave me completely different ovulating weeks then my other app.

Luckily, when it arrived we were right in the beginning of my fertile window, but my husband was away so we tried on the couple days after and just from that—WE WERE PREGNANT! Three weeks later I was late and I peed on a stick and it had a second faint line!! After going to the doctor and taking another test with faint lines I was so hopeful but still trying not to get my hopes up as it was very early days. After the blood test and ultrasound seeing the little tiny four-week old sac it was confirmed!

I’m not sure how Ava collects their info so differently to other apps but clearly they are onto it and it worked for us! In fact all the doctors still ask me about my due date versus the due date given from the scan and they are about three weeks off from each other and they always think it’s a mistake and can’t understand but thank goodness for Ava because it knew when no one else did!

Lindsay Meisel

Lindsay Meisel is the Head of Content at Ava. She has over a decade of experience writing about science, technology, and health, with a focus on women's health and the menstrual cycle. Her work has been featured on The Fertility Hour, The Birth Hour, The Breakthrough Journal, and The Rumpus.

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