Getting Pregnant

Coping with the Two-Week Wait

The two-week wait (2WW) is the stretch of time in which couples are waiting to find out whether or not they are pregnant or not. It is usually accompanied by a mixed set of emotions and either disappointment or excitement when it’s finally time to find out results.

During this time, it’s advisable to keep yourself distracted and restrain from overanalyzing all symptoms you are experiencing, because your feelings might mislead you into thinking that you are pregnant or not. In the end you can only really be sure about the result when you have taken the test and thinking about it constantly will make you go crazy.

Since you might already be pregnant at this point it’s essential to treat your body as if you were. This means living healthily and avoid all the things that should be avoided during pregnancy (such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes etc.) and taking your prenatal vitamins such as folic acid.

One of the easiest ways to avoid any stress from the 2WW is to distract yourself mentally. In fact, you can make it a fun, positive time by approaching the 2WW as an opportunity for “catching up” on something: whether it’s reading through your favorite author’s latest novels, binge-watching a TV series, or even learning a new skill like a language or a different cooking technique, this two-week period is a window of opportunity for mentally engrossing yourself in an activity. The key, experts say, is to set aside the 2WW as the time to do these activities. So, you can purchase the books, language software, etc., ahead of time, but don’t begin until the 2WW period begins – that way, you’re essentially treating yourself to something special during this time.

Some additional ways to handle the 2WW might be

  • Relaxation through meditation, yoga, visualization and deep breathing exercises
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Maintaining moderate and regular exercise
  • Spending time outdoors[2.Pearson, C.; see above.]

Sharee Loeffler

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