Infertility Treatments

Uterine Fibroids: What Do They Mean for Your Fertility?

Uterine fibroids are painful growths that are estimated to affect approximately 70% of women [1.]. Similar to other painful illnesses like endometriosis, the effects of uterine fibroids range from no symptoms at all to excruciating pain and can be detrimental for your fertility depending on where and how they grow. To help better understand [...]

Does Endometriosis Make You Infertile? The Truth about Your Options

In 2018, 31 year-old Lena Dunham (writer and creator of the show Girls) revealed that she had a hysterectomy to end her painful struggle with endometriosis. Dunham’s decision—which also makes her infertile—was highly controversial. She explained that while saddened to give up her fertility, she was confident in her decision because the unbearable chronic pain [...]


Adoption is still relatively rare in the U.S. Only 1.1% of women aged 18-44 have adopted a child, and only about 1.6% seek to adopt. Still, studies show that one-third of all women ages 18-44 have at least considered the prospect of adopting a child at some point in their lives. To that end, it [...]

Female Infertility Treatment Options

About one-third of all infertility cases are a result of female infertility, one third of male infertility and one third can either be attributed to both or is unexplained.[1.American Pregnancy Association. (2015 September). Preconception Health for Men. Retrieved October 20, 2015 from] Depending on the reasons behind the female’s infertility a different infertility treatment [...]

How To Chose A Good Fertility Doctor

A fertility specialist, also referred to as a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), is not simply an ob-gyn. These specialists have credentials that set them apart from other doctors. Although many ob-gyns can perform an initial fertility evaluation and provide very basic infertility treatment, seeking assistance from a specially-trained infertility expert is most helpful in determining the [...]

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Jade & Tanner Got Pregnant with Ava!

Thank you everyone for all the support and for sharing your stories since we announced our pregnancy on Wednesday! We are so excited! For those of you who have been following us for a while, you may have seen our past post back in November about using the @avawomen bracelet to help us get pregnant faster. We got pregnant really soon after we started using Ava! I wore the bracelet every night while sleeping and Ava told us which five days were the best days to try for a baby each month. It took so much stress out of the process and was so easy to use. Since so many of you have kindly opened your hearts to me and have shared your stories about trying to get pregnant, I wanted to share what worked for us. Also, I've partnered with Ava to get you all a $20 off coupon code: JANNERBABY I'll be using Ava for all our future pregnancies and cycle tracking between babies. Thank you, Ava.

Mamiblock Got Pregnant with Ava!

@Mamiblock​ benutzt nun auch Ava! Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus Julias Beitrag auf Youtube in dem sie erklärt, wie Ava funktioniert! Wir sind gespannt, wie es weiter geht mit Ava und Julia! Einen erholsamen Samstag Euch allen!

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