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Why You Get Constipated Before Your Period (& Diarrhea During)

If you're like most people, you're sometimes mystified by your bowels. You may go through weeks' long stretches of perfectly consistent pooping after your third sip of coffee, but then wake up one morning to find the urge never hits. You may have random diarrhea that strikes without warning, or random constipation that clears up after [...]

The Essential Prenatal Vitamins

Guest post from Juli Novotny Goddard of BasilHealth, a consumer health technology company dedicated to helping people worldwide take better control of their health. Eating a diet abundant in nutrient dense foods is always a wise idea—especially during pregnancy. Our bodies need more nutrition during those critical months due to the extra workload. So far, research has been focused [...]

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“I’m Really Healthy—Except I Don’t Get My Period.”

You’re the picture of health, a dedicated morning runner or an every-day-after-work Cross Fit enthusiast. You follow the vicissitudes of nutritional consensus on gluten the way some people follow basketball or the primaries. You look great in a tank top—healthy, strong, and slender. But there’s one problem, a problem that the friends and colleagues who [...]

Pre-Pregnancy Weight

To begin your pre-pregnancy self-assessment, the first step is to determine whether you are at a healthy weight. Many women can become pregnant regardless of their weight, but women with a body mass index (BMI) that is either too high or too low could encounter some difficulties while trying to become pregnant.[1.Mayo Clinic Staff (2014, [...]

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Pre-Pregnancy Diet

While it will be of supreme importance to maintain a healthy diet when you are pregnant, recent research has found that pre-pregnancy diets can actually have an impact on your baby’s DNA, too.[1.Briggs, Helen. (2014 April 30). Pre-pregnancy diet ‘permanently influences baby’s DNA. BBC News. Retrieved from] Therefore it is in a mother’s best interest (and [...]

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Drinking and Smoking while TTC

Smoking while TTCPre-conception cigarette smoke may lead to a drop in fertility. Smoking can prematurely age the ovaries, and it may also cause damage to the tiny ovarian follicles that hold immature eggs. Quitting smoking also boosts your overall health.[1.Mayo Clinic Staff (2015, March 19). Smoking and pregnancy: Understand the risks. Retrieved November 1, 2015, from [...]

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Exercising while TTC & Pregnancy

Whether you already have a fitness regimen in place that works for you, or you have been a bit less active than you could be, the time leading up to pregnancy is ideal for establishing a fitness routine that can be practiced throughout the duration of your pregnancy and help you to stay fit while [...]

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Healthier Habits for Dads-to-Be

While it’s certainly possible that a man will produce enough healthy semen to impregnate a woman without following the below mentioned behaviors, these are simply suggestions for optimizing men’s health to ensure reproductive wellness. For starters, men who are concerned about their sperm health should avoid using testosterone, whether it’s being taken by prescription or [...]

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