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What Your Ava Data Means

Whether you're a seasoned fertility tracker or if you've never so much as taken your basal body temperature before, Ava provides some information that you might never have heard of before. So we put together an in-depth guide to the health parameters that are displayed in the Ava app when you sync each morning. Ava also [...]

What Does the Ava Bracelet Measure?

Your body changes in subtle ways throughout your menstrual cycle. Some of these changes, like bloating, zits, or PMS, might be obvious to you. Other changes—like basal body temperature and cervical mucus—you only notice if you're actively looking for them. And still other changes—like to your resting heart rate throughout the night or your average breathing [...]

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Why Does the Ava Sensor Look Like a Butt?

The Ava bracelet is the result of years of clinical research and collaboration between data scientists, doctors, women's health experts, and engineers. It represents the most advanced fertility monitoring technology available on the market today, with sensors that can detect a woman's fertile window with unprecedented precision.And it looks like a butt. Look, we're a bunch [...]

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The Ava Bracelet: a New Way to Track Ovulation

If you're trying to get pregnant, you're probably more familiar with your cervical mucus than you've ever been. You have a BBT alarm set for 6am every morning. You're counting the days since your last period in Glow or Fertility Friend. And you're peeing on ALL THE STICKS. Introducing the Ava BraceletThere's an easier way to track your [...]

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