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Worn only during the night, Ava is a fertility tracking bracelet that maximizes your chances to conceive. With Ava, there’s no guesswork around timing intercourse or tracking ovulation. Detects an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle. Syncs to your iPhone.
  • Included in delivery: medical grade sensor pod, silicone bracelet, USB charging cable (can be connected to most mobile phone plugs), user instructions
  • Ava is adjustable and suitable for a wide range of wrist sizes
  • Designed in Switzerland, manufactured in Europe
  • Biocompatible Materials
  • FDA registered
  • Ava works with the Ava app for iOS (Android coming soon).
Compatible with:

  • iPhone® 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus (iOS 9.0 or later)
  • Android coming soon

Battery Life & Water Resistance:

  • Battery Life: 12 hrs (rechargeable)
  • Splash and sweat proof

Every journey to conception is different.

When you first start trying to conceive, you’ll learn more about the process of reproduction than you ever did during sex ed. Most of us were taught that if we had unprotected sex just once, we might get pregnant. But now you realize it’s not always that simple.

Making a baby requires you learn how reproduction works all over again, but this time, in a more personal way. What happens in your cycle? Do you ovulate on the later side? How many fertile days do you have? The unique logic of your menstrual cycle suddenly becomes a matter of profound importance.

That’s where Ava comes in.

Each night, you slip on the soft silicone bracelet and the medical device grade sensor pod gets to work. While you sleep, Ava is reading your body’s cues, gathering millions of data points. There’s no peeing on sticks, no taking your temperature, and no entering data into an app. Just sleep, and Ava does the rest. 

In the morning, check your phone for an analysis of the information Ava gathered during the night. You’ll see information about your sleep quality, stress level, and, most importantly, your conception probability for that day. 

With Ava, you can…

  • Increase your chances to conceive every month
  • Get an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle.
  • Monitor sleep, stress, and heart rate before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Gain insight about your menstrual cycle.
  • Plan for conception in a way that fits conveniently into your life.

You’re in charge.

The more you know, the better you can prepare for the next step on the path toward growing your family.

You’re doing what you can.

Maximizing your chances to conceive has never been easier. With Ava’s help, you won’t waste anymore time getting pregnant when you want to.

You’re breathing a little easier.

Ava is convenient, simple and easy to use. Simply slip the soft bracelet on each night and then fall asleep knowing you’ll awaken to picture of your current cycle and overall well-being. It’s the easiest way to track all the data you need to know.

You’re starting a family.

The path to motherhood starts now. Whether you’ve just started talking about having a baby, are eagerly awaiting the positive pregnancy test, or are already pregnant, Ava is your trusted partner through it all.

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Ava Fertility Tracker

Ava ships 6 – 8 weeks after purchase. Shipping takes 1 – 2 days. If you become pregnant or change your mind at any time before Ava ships, we’ll cancel your order and refund your credit card, no questions asked.