Take the First Step in Planning for a Baby

There’s no magic formula to reveal whether you’re ready to become a parent. You’ll always be a little nervous—it’s a big decision. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

It’s normal to have concerns and questions when you’re thinking of trying to get pregnant. Many women wonder about things like:

  • Are my partner and I healthy enough?
  • How fertile are we?
  • How long will it take to conceive?
  • Do we need to make any lifestyle changes?

Conception is a delicate process.

70% of pregnancies

happen in the same

3 cycle days

When you’re ready to start trying for a baby in earnest, the vagaries of your cycle can start causing you a lot of stress. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent that is to start learning about your cycle now, while you’re still thinking about getting pregnant.

There is a wide range for what’s considered a normal cycle, and it might even vary in a single woman from month to month. Learning what’s normal for your body makes the process of getting pregnant a lot easier and more fun.

Understanding your hormone levels is the best way to know when your body is ready to conceive. To do this, women invest tremendous effort in:

  • Taking their temperature every morning to watch for the small spike of 0.5 degrees that signals ovulation has occurred.
  • Using a fertility app to estimate ovulation based on the length of previous cycles.
  • Buying as many as 10 ovulation sticks and predictor kits every month to test hormone levels in urine.

Each of these methods offers a glimpse into your body’s rhythm, but none of them paints the full picture about your health and fertility.

Introducing Ava.

Ava is a medical grade sensor bracelet that gives you five fertile days each month. Wear it while you sleep, and it tracks cardiovascular, thermal, dermatological, and other parameters associated with the hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle.

Beyond the fertility benefits, Ava provides invaluable insight about your health. You’ll get data about:

  • ovulation
  • cycle length
  • stress level
  • sleep quality
  • and more

This kind of information is important to have before, during, and after conception. It empowers couples to conceive more easily and enjoyably. And you can share it with your doctor to identify common conception struggles early on.

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The science behind Ava.

Ava completed a year-long clinical study at the University Hospital of Zurich under the lead of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Leeners, a leading expert on the mathematical modeling of menstrual cycles. Ava was found to identify an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with an accuracy of 89 percent.

The results of the study were presented in June 2016 at the Swiss Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Congress and will be presented in October 2016 at the German Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Congress. Bayer, the leading women’s health company, is sponsoring Ava’s presentations.

Our scientific research paper will be submitted in summer 2016. We expect it to be published by a peer-reviewed journal in reproductive health by the end of 2016.

Learn more about the science behind Ava.

Why women considering pregnancy love Ava.

Tracking fertility is a smart, responsible move for women who are planning to get pregnant. But it shouldn’t feel like work.

Ava offers the freedom to live your life the way you want, without inconvenience—only with more information about your health and fertility.

Is Ava right for you?

  • You want the confidence that you’re timing conception properly without the hassle of the temperature method or urine sticks
  • You’re interested in learning more about your fertility in preparation for conception
  • You want to track your general health, including sleep quality and stress level
  • You have regular or moderately irregular cycles (between 24-35 days)
  • You don’t have any medical issues that impact interrupt normal ovulation including PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea

The first release of Ava has not been tested on women with highly irregular cycles or diagnosed fertility conditions including PCOS. In the coming months, we plan to release updates that include detection of anovulatory cycles and more robust tracking of highly irregular cycles.

What if you conceive right away?

Ava doesn’t stop working after you see those two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test. It continues to support you by tracking your stress levels, sleep quality, and heart rate—each of which is important for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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