Get more fertile days each month with Ava.

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Ava Fertility Tracker

Ava is a fertility tracking bracelet that identifies an average of five fertile days per cycle, doubling your chances to conceive. There’s no guesswork around timing intercourse or tracking ovulation. Wear Ava at night and the rest is taken care of—all that’s left for you to do is the fun part.

Whether you’ve just started trying to conceive or your fertility journey is taking longer than you expected, Ava can help. It gives you the confidence to always know you’re trying at the right time, and the convenience to not have to think about it too much. Ava makes for a better, easier, more magical journey to conception for you and your partner.

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What Makes Ava Different

It’s smart.

While you sleep, Ava’s sensors gather physiological data points to detect your fertile window.

It’s convenient.

Throw out your BBT thermometer and stop peeing on sticks. Wear Ava at night, and the rest is taken care of.

It gives you time.

Ava gives you in-cycle, real-time detection of five fertile days, so you and your partner can relax and enjoy the babymaking process.

Where are you on the journey to a baby?

We’re still considering if pregnancy is right for us.

We’re confident we’ll see a positive pregnancy test soon!

We’ve been trying for a few months and are getting a little concerned.

We’re not sure we’ll ever be able to conceive but we’re still trying.

Ava was created with love for women who want to conceive. Women who are ready to have a child but don’t feel like using outdated fertility tracking methods like taking their temperatures each morning or using ovulation predictor kits each month. Women who have “irregular” (aka normal) cycles and aren’t sure exactly when they ovulate. Women who don’t want to enter complex, subjective data into a fertility tracking app each day.

70 percent of pregnancies happen in the same three cycle days, and with Ava, it’s never been easier to find the fertile days in your cycle.

With Ava, You Can…

  • Double your chances to conceive every month
  • Get five fertile days per cycle
  • Enjoy your entire fertile window with your partner—no need to rush.
  • Monitor your general health and wellness while you’re trying to conceive and throughout your pregnancy
  • Gain insight about your menstrual cycle
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The Science Behind Ava

Ava completed a year-long clinical study at the University Hospital of Zurich under the lead of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Leeners, the leading expert on the mathematical modeling of menstrual cycles. Ava was found to identify an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with an accuracy of 89 percent.

The results of the study will be presented in June 2016 at the Swiss Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Congress and in October at the German Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Congress. Bayer, the leading women’s health company, is sponsoring Ava’s presentation.

Our scientific research paper will be submitted in summer 2016. We expect it to be published by a leading peer-reviewed journal in reproductive health by the end of 2016.

Learn more about how Ava works.

Ava Works Throughout Pregnancy

With Ava, you’ll get vital details about your health not available through any other app. Wear Ava at night during your pregnancy to track your sleep quality, stress levels, and resting heart rate. And if you plan to have more children, you’ll have Ava to help you conceive for your next pregnancy.

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Ava Fertility Tracker

The first batch of Ava bracelets is sold out. The second batch, which will ship in August, is now open to pre-order for $199—that’s $50 off the retail price.

Your credit card won’t be charged until Ava ships. If you become pregnant or change your mind at any time before then, we’ll cancel your order, no questions asked.

Take charge of your conception with Ava designed to keep you healthy and in-the-know during conception and throughout pregnancy.

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